I Love My Parents!

Today, I realized how much I love my parents! See when you are young you don’t think about those things. But when you get older than you start thinking about that! The other day my parents where talking and they said that they needed to get an insurance when they are no longer here on earth. I thought wow how time past. I remember when I was a child, a young lady and now an adult. The times they help me in school, take care of me, bought me the things that I needed. But also the time I was very disobedience to them. Oh Lord! I would like to go back and erase all of that. I know they put everything in the past but I wanted to be a better daughter even dough the always thought I was a good one then and now…I love my parents and I want them with me for more time…now they are taking zeal it has anti-aging properties, I know they are going to be fine…