I am Type 2 diabetic…

Wow! My doctor told me that I am type 2 diabetic, fat liver and cholesterol! I told her no way. That’s what you said. The problem is that my family is diabetic, too! Do you know how I control this desease, I do all three with a supplement call Zeal! It has veggies, exotic plants, minerals and vitamins, 120 oxidants. No more pills! Now, I feel better after 2 years and a lot of prayers! This is my story not yours but you can have a story also.

No more pills!


My Friend Pablo

I had a friend that he was feeling real  bad on his stomach. He said there was like a burning sensation in the stomach and he was drinking water and energies drinks! One day he could no more and ask me to take him to the doctor.I did. They gave me medicine like pills to swallow. That didn’t help. I talk to him about zeal. He said, i am going to try that! From the first time he tried he was feel better! It has been a year now…want some info here it is… I hope you get better, too!

My friend Pablo