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But we have to start somewhere with someone!
I am waiting one you to make the decision  of your life. I know the Almighty  has done many things! But know you need to make yours. Don’t sit down on him to make it for you.
You have to get up and walk, run and fly! He did his part. Don’t delay! He wants you prosperous in this life as your soul get prosperous in the spirit. He wants you well not lacking! When you lack you cannot help nobody!

Not even yourself! Think about it! Just rise in him! Join zurvita because that is the boat that is going to rescue you from your problem. When you are where he wants you to be then he will use you to help others like I am doing with you!

We cannot be selfish we have to share so other can have a better life!

Noemi M.

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Today is Field Day!

Today is field day! My daughter of 8, she is so happy. Weak up this morning, drank her zeal, put her t-shirt on . I know she is going to have a beautiful day! I love my daughter. She is an outstanding student. She shares with friend and she is very obedient to her teachers. Your parents are so proud of you! Love you girl! Mom and Dad….

She loves to drink Zeal For Life! Click for more info. Thanks!


I am Type 2 diabetic…

Wow! My doctor told me that I am type 2 diabetic, fat liver and cholesterol! I told her no way. That’s what you said. The problem is that my family is diabetic, too! Do you know how I control this desease, I do all three with a supplement call Zeal! It has veggies, exotic plants, minerals and vitamins, 120 oxidants. No more pills! Now, I feel better after 2 years and a lot of prayers! This is my story not yours but you can have a story also.

No more pills!


I Love My Parents!

Today, I realized how much I love my parents! See when you are young you don’t think about those things. But when you get older than you start thinking about that! The other day my parents where talking and they said that they needed to get an insurance when they are no longer here on earth. I thought wow how time past. I remember when I was a child, a young lady and now an adult. The times they help me in school, take care of me, bought me the things that I needed. But also the time I was very disobedience to them. Oh Lord! I would like to go back and erase all of that. I know they put everything in the past but I wanted to be a better daughter even dough the always thought I was a good one then and now…I love my parents and I want them with me for more time…now they are taking zeal it has anti-aging properties, I know they are going to be fine…



My Friend Pablo

I had a friend that he was feeling real  bad on his stomach. He said there was like a burning sensation in the stomach and he was drinking water and energies drinks! One day he could no more and ask me to take him to the doctor.I did. They gave me medicine like pills to swallow. That didn’t help. I talk to him about zeal. He said, i am going to try that! From the first time he tried he was feel better! It has been a year now…want some info here it is… I hope you get better, too!

My friend Pablo